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Services & Rates

Specializing in dog services for those who pull on the leash and are leash reactive

Free meet and greet to learn about any specific needs your pet or home may have. Fully customized plans, no contract.

Visit the Gallery for many photos of happy and groomed pets we have cared for at MLD pet Services!

Dog Walking

Private dog walking in your very own neighbourhood. I devote all my attention to your pup(s) only. I work with dogs of all energy levels and special needs. NO OFF LEASH PARKS.

I provide the same routine your dog(s) are accustomed to with lots of love and patience.

I send photos of your dog(s) to you each visit/walk.

We walk in all weather conditions No matter the weather your dog still needs to relieve themselves if even for a short outing in the yard during extreme weather.
(Extreme weather includes: Heavy rain, icy conditions, snowstorms, thunderstorms, temperatures below 0 Celcius or above 25 Celcius)

I use Ultrahund waterproof leashes for dogs that do no pull and BeOneBreed waterproof leashes for dogs that do pull.

No contracts. I offer a trial walk at full price after the complimentary meet and greet.

Member of Petsitters international
Member of Danadian Dog Walkers Association.
Insured and bonded though ProFur

  • Private, one on one dog walks
  • All walks are on leash and in your immediate neighbourhood only
  • dogs of all breeds and sizes welcome
  • all dogs walked on biothane waterproof leashes
  • extreme weather policy applies when temperature dips below zero or above 25. Also comes into effect during any extreme weather/ weather alert event

Advance bookings for walks/visits
Minumum: 3 walks/visits per week.

Monday to Friday
15 minutes: $20 +HST
30 minutes: $25 +HST

Same day request:+ $10 Service charge 
(if booked by noon based on availability)

Holiday: only 30 minute visits/walks available
Non-stat holidays: $40
Stat holidays: $55
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve & Day: $60

Cancellation Policy:
If cancelling due to weather/illness/pet illness, before 8:00 am the day of service.

If needing to cancel for any other reason, by 8:00 pm the night before the service date.

Puppy Visits

Puppies need a lot of attention and potty frequently with their small bladders. Regular visits help to curb separation anxiety, destructive behaviours and barking. Reliable and flexible scheduling make your puppy’s home and crate training consistent.

Puppy visits are strictly one on one. There is also a 3-4 month timeframe before a puppy’s immunizations are completed.

Your puppy will have visits no more than 3-4 hours after you leave your home. Second visit if required will be 3-4 hours after the first visit. This reduces the length of time your puppy is alone without a potty break.

Puppy visits are 30 minutes in length. Pee/poo breaks, clean up crate/area if soiled and dispose of, play time and snuggles.

Advance bookings for walks/visits

Rates: $25 + hst
Same day: $35 + hst
Non-stat: $40
Stat: $55

Grooming Hours:

Monday to Friday 4pm-8pm
Saturday and Sunday: based on availability

-by appointment only. Stress-free home salon.

Donations of large towels always welcome

Professionally pampering pups for over 7 years.

Referral program:
$10 off your next groom for any client you refer who books a full groom.


Maintaining a regular schedule for your dogs grooming is beneficial to their health and hygiene. This promotes healthy skin, coat, and lessens matting inbetween grooms.

A regular schedule of no longer than once every 6-8 weeks is strongly recommended.

Prices listed on my website are based on dogs groomed every 6-8 weeks, with good behaviour, no mats , no fleas, and based on their weight and breed.
$10 surcharge per week over the 8 week schedule.

Pick your pampering package

Bath and brush: 
Under 20 pounds: $40+ hst
20-30 pounds: $50 + hst
30-40 pounds: $60 + hst
40-50 pounds: $70 + hst

Bath and tidy:
Under 20 pounds: $60 + hst
20-30 pounds: $70 + hst
30-40 pounds: $80 + hst
40-50 pounds: $90 + hst

Full groom includes: full bath, hand brush and hand dry, face, feet, sanitary trim, nails cut, haircut, ear cleaning.
Full groom- non-shedding breeds: $70+
Full groom – shedding breeds: $65 per hour

Price list:
Under 20 pounds: $70
20-30 pounds: $80
30-40 pounds: $90
40-50 pounds: $100
50-60 pounds: $110
Poodles/doodles under 20 pounds: $75
Poodles/doodles 20-50 pounds: $125
Any haircut styles requiring a length longer than 1”: $40 per hour
Hand scissoring: $40 per hour.
Full groom double coat: $40 per hour

Donate at least 2 large beach/bath towels and receive $10 off your dogs pampering package!

Curbside drop off and pick up in effect.

Cat sitting minimum:
Minimum of one visit each day that you are away.

Pet Sitting/Bird Sitting

-Full payment due 72 hours prior to first visit

-50% non-refundable booking fee due at time of booking. If booking less than 4 days before first visit, full invoice due at time of booking.

30 minute visit: $25

Cancellation Policy:
72 hours notice is required to cancel or change a booking. If less than 72 hours notice is given, the full charge of services is due.

A minimum of 5 days is required to cancel or change petsitting services during any holiday. If less notice is provided, you are responsible for full service invoice for the dates you reserved.

Hire A Professional

Feel confident and comfortable leaving your pet with me.

Bonded and Insured with PROfur
I am a member of Petsitters International (PSI), Ontario Dog Groomers Association (ODGA), and Canadian Dog Walkers Association (CDWA).

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